SVTV Workshop: Spring 2018

Level II: Polishing Your Pilot

4 classes between April 14- June 2

Salvage Vanguard Theater announces SVTV Level ll: Polishing Your Pilot. This winter, we launched SVTV- a new series of television-writing workshops. In January we developed a logline, show bible, and revised outline for the pilot episode of an original television show. Over the course of four classes, SVTV Level ll will dig deep into our pilots. We’ll assess them for overall story structure, character development, world-building and voice. We’ll think about where to play up originality, and where traditional television tropes help our cause. We’ll nail down our elevator pitch so that we can articulate the “promise of our premise” quickly and easily.

While SVTV Level ll: Polishing Your Pilot is meant as the follow-up to SVTV: Creating the Show Bible, any participant with the first draft of a pilot in hand is welcome to take the class.